What time does the day start? ⏰

Many people have very different views or opinions on what time you should arrive in the office and what is just considered late. 

When you get into the world of a salaried role you see that you most likely put in more hours than the normal hourly associate but how are your working hours being selected and are those hours the best to get the most bang for your time? 

I am an advicate for setting your schedule as you feel appropriate BUT only if you are getting your work done and are staying ontop of everything. When we start seeing the missed deadlines or even the lack of motivation I think that ser earlier schedule should be put into place. 

What time do I come in the office? Am I salaried? How does my company feel about schedules? Great questions! 

  • Yes I am a salaried associate
  • I arrive into the office between the hour of 7-7:30am and leave about 4pm
  • My company has core hours to be in office between 9-3 

As most may realize we are working well beyond our 7-4 time, I log into my email after I leave the office and keep working away. My work email is the first thing that I open in the morning and I am immediately in work gear, pushing forward with changes. 

But how do we feel about the associates who come strolling in at 9am and leave at the same time? I ask you are they getting their work done? Is their work lacking anything? Then WHO CARES! We don’t want everyone to be the same and we sure don’t want them to be us so stop comparing them to yourself. Now if it is the opposite that they are coming in at the 9 o’clock hour and their work is sub-par or below par then that is a conversation with their management and their work success will reflect their drive. 

Do want the freedom and flexibility of making your own schedule? Them earn it! Prove to yourself you really deserve it and show others. 

” The only way to enjoy anything in this life is to earn it first. ” – Ginger Rogers

Stop in tomorrow to talk about how to make your employer get on your schedule bandwagon! 

(Remember you can reach out with any questions you may have or requests for conversations)


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