I want 9am you want 8am, can we compromise?

Setting your own schedule is a luxury that many of us dream of having and some of us are lucky enough to have that luxury but have we ever run into the battle with our bosses as to what hour we should be arriving and maybe even leaving?

Lets just run through a scenario. You are set on having a nice easy morning and strolling into the office at 9am, not missing any meetings or any hot issues, you proceed to work your day and leave at 5pm, again not missing any meetings and hitting all of your deadlines but the next morning you come into the office to have an email from your boss asking you to pop into their office as soon as you arrive. When walking into that door you are greeted with the friendly smile but the displeasing conversation of “I really think you should be coming into the office earlier”.

In the above case are we getting our work done? Are we causing any issues? Many people will face this kind of feedback when electing their own schedule, but why?

PERCEPTION. Perception is a driving factor in many schedule requests. We(senior management) want to see and know that there is always coverage. Sometimes people self compare, they feel that because they are coming in at an earlier hour and possibly even staying later that everyone should be doing the same.

This logic is not the best to follow because some people can get the same amount, or more, work done in less time. If your time and dedication while in the office is in full swing you should be able to set the appropriate hours that you can get that work completed in.

What about CORE working hours? Some companies do have what we call core working hours, those core hours are hours in which their staff must be in the office to attend any meeting or “fires” that might arise. I reached out to a couple different companies to get their opinion on hours, I have left the companies anonymous but have indicated their field of business.

  • Medical IT : no core hours, free to set own schedule, allowance to work remote any hour
  • Insurance : CORE hours 9-3, semi flex schedule as long as meeting core hours, minimal working remote allowance
  • Banking : CORE hours 8-5, set schedule, no working remote
  • Grocery : CORE hours 8-4, set schedule, no working remote
  • Restaurant : no CORE hours, set schedule, no working remote
  • District Manager/General Manager (retail) : no CORE hours, free to set own schedule, allowance to work remote any hour

Now remember that this is just some companies and not all companies will follow this same thought process or rules, but it helps give a glimpse at what other companies or fields may be doing and again this is for salaried associates.

So how do you get your senior management to see eye to eye with your schedule requests? Show them that your work is still getting completed, prove to them that their is no loss on their or the companies behalf for your having a varied schedule. Having true measurable data is hard to argue with, if you have the numbers to support your request most likely your request will be accepted.

-Have you seen issues with your schedule requests even with measurable supporting data?
-I want to hear some of your situations so that we can talk through some options or even your companies policies.
-Do you have a company that has a flexible schedule mentality but doesn’t follow that belief?


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