Weekend? What do you mean weekend?

I sit here at my desk clicking away at the keys as I hear some tv show (ok secretly it is Keeping Up With The Kardashians) quietly playing in the background. I wonder when my life took the turn to where I am today, an amazing place and path. 

So many of us don’t take the time to appreciate where we have come from and the struggles that have brought us to where we are. If it wasn’t for my past and the jobs that I previously held I wouldn’t have the privelage of sitting here on  Saturday night working! 

Dedication to your career doesn’t mean that you are working into the midnight hour during the week or even working on the weekends, it is about the passion you put forth every single day.

I crave the work, I desire the information so I stay connected all of the time. I want more for myself so I push myself further so that I can achieve more. 

What do you crave? What do you desire? Do you want more but you feel that you aren’t moving anywhere? 

Here are some key things to self made success at any level: 

  1. Don’t push yourself too far. Everyone needs a break and can’t always be running full speed 24/7
  2. Take the criticism and critques. They are helpful, yes possibly hurtful but helpful. 
  3. Seek others inputs. No one person has all of the answers so open up the floor to see another perspective.
  4. Map out your career path. Knowing that you want more but not knowing what you want makes for an impossible steady growth because you don’t have one clear direction. 
  5. Study. Read. Gain knowledge. No this doesn’t mean college, this means open up a book, grab a magazine, read a blog. See what other successful people are sharing. 
  6. Be true to yourself. If you change who you are to please someone else your success will end in misery, your own. 

The last thing I have to say that is so very important is to always remember success is not earned overnight. Be patient and stick to the path! 


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