How to present less than desirable news

We have all found ourselves ,professionally or personally, in a situation where we may be having to give someone some news that they may not want to hear. How do you handle giving that information so to not make the message worse or without causing a problem? 

  1. Stick to the facts
  2. Do not make it personal
  3. Don’t over apologize
  4. Explain and provide as much information as possible
  5. List the benefits
  6. Offer up alternatives
  7. Let them express themselves within constraint

Delivering a message that the audience may not want to hear is easier than some make it out to be. Make sure when going into the conversation you sound confident and supporting with the news you are giving. If you don’t believe the information to be true then nobody will believe you. 

The people have to feel that they have the opportunity to be heard, especially after bad news. Make sure that when giving someone the floor to speak they don’t cross the line of appropriateness. 

News is news it doesn’t have to be bad unless you make it such. Believe it and so will they! 


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