Get up and MOVE!

Work, work, work! Is there really ever a break available? We jump from one email to the next and meeting to meeting, most of the time we find that the only physical activity we are giving ourselves is when we are running to the restroom because to be honest we just held it WAY too long or when we are hurrying off to our next meeting.

Our bodies need more from us, they NEED us to stretch out and get our heart racing to keep us kicking and up and ready to take on all of those emails and hours of meetings. Don’t give me that look of “really Kaylee when, WHEN can I fit in that extra movement time?”, I am so glad that you asked! I know that tomorrow is Friday but lets go ahead and get these steps below kicked off and try them for one whole week and watch the difference that it makes in your day. DO IT!

  1. Walk to the further away restroom
  2. Take the long way to your meetings
  3. While sitting at your desk on a conference call or handling emails move your feet back and forth like you are walking (yes I am doing this now)
  4. Stand up at your desk and handle some business while standing up
  5. Drink a glass of water before you eat and right after a meeting
    1. If new to drinking a larger amount of water I do not suggest drinking  whole glass before going into a meeting because you will have to excuse yourself
  6. Make a lap around your work area, 2 minutes will be ok I promise
  7. Stand up and do some high to middle knees (nobody cares)

Physical movement sucks at first, lets just be frank. It hurts and you are sore and you think goodness the lack of movement was much better but push through it for a week and you will feel much better and you will love the extra little boost of energy that you will find yourself having.

You travel for business so are in a plane, hotel, or airport more than an office. Not a problem either, I have you covered.

  1. You can move those feet back and forth while sitting on an airplane or waiting for boarding to begin
  2. Walk to the furthest bathroom (this works no matter where you are)
  3. Walk in place while waiting at the airport
  4. Hotel – really? Most have a fitness center! Lets go to that bike and sit down and peddle away, you can even work while doing so
  5. Walk back and forth while in the hotel room
  6. Take the stairs instead of the elevator

Movement is movement no matter where or how you do it. Anything that gets your blood pumping is positive for you and your body. You will find that making these few adjustments you will find your stress level going down just a little, it isn’t a miracle worker, and that you have more energy during your day.

Put your mind to something and you will achieve it if  you believe!

                                                                                        –Marlon Wayans



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