To work or not to work….on your birthday

That is a good question that most of us find ourselves asking every year..

There are some that hands down WILL not step foot into the office or read an email if our birthday lands on a day during the week. Is there any pros or cons to working on your birthday?

Before we jump into some of the pros and cons what do I think and what do I do? 99% of the time I work! If I have specific plans, which is very rare, I get up and start my day and work. I find that when it is my special day of birth I am smiling more and feel blessed to still be able to push and make a difference with the work I am doing so by all means I am stepping my toes into that office and pushing my work. Plus people say Happy Birthday and smile at you all day!! Who doesn’t like to be the center of a little bit of attention every once in awhile?! Don’t lie you totally do! 

What does the rest of the world think, because we all know that even though I think with a very open mind I have not covered EVERY thought out there.

Go to work and enjoy the festival of attention-seeking and gift-collection.

– The Gaurdian

Work on your birthday but thinks that it seems right that you get your birthday paid off.

– Bloomberg Business


  • Coworkers will say Happy Birthday all day
  • You may get a cake or cupcakes
  • You will get more attention than normal


  • You are at work on your birthday
  • Meetings, meetings, meetings
  • You may be slammed busy 
  • People may forget it is your birthday

There is no right or wrong choice it is all a matter of opinion. Enjoy the day and be happy that the day is YOUR day! Wake up with a smile and no matter where you are or what happens smile! 


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