Personal appointments during the workday? 

To take and make personal appointments during the workday and NOT make up the hours….

As I sit here in the doctor’s office lobby  I think about my work to do list and what all I have on my plate. It then crosses my mind that some people after their late afternoon appointments are going to have to go back into the office to make up for the time away or take personal time for the minutes or hour away from the office. 

What is the proper ettiquete for scheduling day time appointments? 

Should you schedule during the day appointments? 

It is suggested to schedule your appointments as early as possible or as late as possible. Employers know that when you work a Monday thr Friday 8-5 job that it is unrealistic to think that you can handle your personal business outside of normal working hours. Now with that in mind do not take advantage of your employer. 

If you have to take the time follow some of these suggested thing. 

  • Make sure to let people know ahead of time
  • Plan ahead, try not to do list minute appointments
  • As early or as late as possible
  • If it will be multiple hours then take personal time
  • Mark it on your calendar, that you will be out not your personal business
  • Check emails after hours or during your wait time

Always think of yourself in your boss or employer’s shoes. Give them the respect that you wish for them to give you. 

Now excuse me I must go and get my vaccinnations for my business trip! 

And p.s. I am checking emails while waiting, scheduled this appointment 2 weeks in advance, it is on my calendar, at the end of the day, and I will be working late! 


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