How to master a strong business headshot.

Don’t be fooled by the idea that a headshot isn’t needed or that it has no added benefit because you are wrong. When someone is looking at a public BUSINESS profile you want your photo to send your first impression because that is the first thing that people see when they are looking over your page. Headshots are simple enough but can also be a game changer with just a few out of place things. Make sure that when you sit down in that chair or stand up for that photo that you have followed a few key things.

  1. Do NOT choose an outfit that has bold patterns, animal print, or stripes.
  2. Do NOT wear too much jewelry or large pieces.
  3. Wear neutral but statement make up.
  4. Your clothing must fit properly; not too loose but not too tight.
  5. Get plenty of sleep before your photos so you look well rested.
  6. Don’t over indulge in alcohol prior to your photos.
  7. Show up on time.
  8. Pick a good photographer.
  9. Try different outfits.
  10. Choose colors that stand out but don’t over power you.
  11. Red and blues speak power.
When taking your photos you need to remember that even though you are paying someone for their time these photos or photo are your career that is on the line. Make sure you are comfortable, make sure that you are being heard in what you hope to accomplish from the shot.
Always, ALWAYS, my suggestion is get your headshots re-done every few years. You want to stay up to date with your changing image because nothing is worse than showing up and having false expectations because you were judging the wrong book.
Don’t hesitate including your headshot in with your resume when applying for a company. Adding in your photo might be the game changer because now they have a face to put in the seat of their new position when before they would have been painting the image of a person in their role based upon a sheet of words, make your face sell yourself.
Be confident and be proud, sell yourself!



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