I wont call this a controversial topic but I do think that some people have strong feelings about the idea of people who are in higher positions not appearing to have a personal life that is anything other than business polite. 

What do I mean you may ask…when some people look at the BOSSES of the company (CEO, VP, SVP, EVP) they believe that they are work all of the time and that they should be. People feel that they shouldn’t show anything other than the best image of themselves, being the boss 24/7. 

If you ask me I think that idea and notion of a person having to be white collar all of the time is ludicrus and quite frankly selfish. I fully support everyone in every position and walk of life having their own version of an enjoyable social and personal life. If they want to share that on social media I applaud them! 

We are humans and should have the right to be humans and be able to relax when we aren’t killing ourselves for our companies. Now there is a fine line where your antics become inappropriate. I personally do not believe if you have chosen to live your personal life on the wild side and possibly endeavour in illegal activities that should be publicly sharing that. 

I enjoy seeing my bosses being a human, knowing that they struggle and enjoy things just like I do. Seeing their life makes me want to work harder for them. I want my staff or colleagues to see that I can relate to them; that I myself have bad days, that I struggle with juggling life and work. How can I expect for my staff to push through it if they think that I can’t understand where they are and how they feel? 

Ask yourself this question. Would you work harder if you knew your boss was or is in the same shoes as you? 

When sharing your life publicly just be mindful that you are portraying good choices and a positive influence. 

Be happy and proud of the life you have and the struggles you are able to overcome because you just never know whose motiviation you are! 

** this post is of complete personal opinion and is NOT based upon any studies. Feel free to be social with me! ** 


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