How do you find the time?

This is a very common question that I hear, how do I find the time to post? It is a great question because really what do you think of when you read this, that I am sitting at my home office or my office at my company and having the free time to just sit and write, we will say for 30 minutes. Well I wish that were the case but it really isn’t and for most of us that wouldn’t be an option.

So how do we tackle the side “projects” outside of our full-time work and our family/house work? I recently heard a speaker state that there is always time and you shouldn’t make an excuse that you are too busy because it just means that you don’t have your priorities in the right order. While I agree with that comment I also don’t agree with it. We are humans, humans that sometimes want to get something done and sometimes are just too tired or overwhelmed to be able to follow through with the long to do lists. We pick and choose what that day or week will hold, what we will accomplish, and what we are fine letting pass us by.

So back to the original question, how do I find the time? I make the time..for me that means I write while on my phone, I write while I have a couple of minutes on the desktop, I write while my son is in the shower. No one post is just a full constant sitting, I don’t arrange for the time of complete dedication at one sitting I multi-task. If the laundry has a couple minutes left on it then I will pull out my phone and continue my posting, while my son is in the shower (like right now) I will hop on the computer and type a little bit. I want to find the time for you.

Over the years I have made excuse after excuse as to why I wasn’t pushing for the career or life goals that I wanted, there was always the thought that it would come later it would just land on my lap. Well 4 years ago I came to my senses and realized ya right this isn’t a movie so I pushed myself. I wanted more so I wanted to earn more. Yes I am still struggling my way through my career plan, changing it as I go but I am pushing through it. I have made some huge steps in my career in a very short amount of time and with that dedication I have found that people want help, they want my guidance. I am more than willing to share in my trial and tribulations, but how do I help the people who aren’t able to ask directly? So this is where I am. This blog was that answer. I want people to share it, I want people to reach out to me, I want to answer your questions that you didn’t even know to ask. So I find the time, for you.

My life isn’t easy but it isn’t a cake walk by any means. I have a full-time job (that I love), I have a husband, and a child, AND I run our house. Running the house means laundry, cleaning, cooking, homework, yard work, etc. So when I say I make the time I really do. I find those moments of silence that let me mind run wild and try to answer the questions that are spooling through your heads. I don’t write everyday, as you can see, but I try and write every week. If you want more ask for more and I will give you more.

So as the speaker said, I put my priorities in the right order. You are a priority, I am a priority.


Traveling for Business

Well here I am..sitting on my couch, in my pajamas, wrapped in a blanket, with 2 (two) 12 ounce cranberry red bulls (yes I said two). I think in a minute I may need to grab the tape and tape my eyelids open or maybe even jump to the stapler. Why am I so tired you may ask, good question, I am just back from a week long trip to India for business. This was my personal first time traveling out of the country for business so of course since I am a crazy pre-planner I did plenty of research before hand on what to eat, what to pack, what to wear, culture beliefs, and everything in between. What did I learn? I learned that there are sooo many different view points on what are needed but nothing very recent and nothing (in my opinion) from someone who really went there for a business. So let me give you my two cents…Now before we get deep into my list let me tell you that I am an adventurous person and I am more than happy to cross a line and try something new.

India trip suggestions::

As you can tell by the date I went in the middle of March to the Delhi area (within an hour of it), March is when their weather starts to get warmer but hasn’t reached their hot season yet. It was mid 90s the whole time I was there, sometimes pretty windy. Yes that is considered cool or not hot yet.

The Indian culture finds respect in women not showing anything above the knee and not showing their shoulders. Business suits would be found to be most respectful for all residents of the country. You will see women wearing a variety of outfits, showing legs and showing shoulders, but it is still best to try and respect all possible views and believes. All colors are fine to wear, bright colors fit in wonderfully.  Hotel rooms will most likely have an iron that you can press any laundry or you can send away for it to be serviced by the hotel.

If you do not like spice you must speak up! They are very accommodating at the restaurants if you tell them ahead of time. Be cautious eating from the street vendors because you don’t know how the food was prepared. It is suggested to not consume raw fruits and vegetables. Water should only be drank from water bottles that you personally opened or you watched a server open. Most 4-5 star hotels will provide you with water on a daily basis so that you have fresh bottles for the day. When going out to eat ask for sparkling water or bottled water. Soda is fine as well as long as from a can. You should not have ice since it would have been from the water that didn’t go through proper purification.

Early warning the driving in this country is much different than many others. They do have rules of the road but they are not strictly followed as in other countries. Cars/bikes/mopes/buses will “push” through to get moving ahead. Vehicles will get very close to the side of other vehicles and honking is a common form of getting someones attention. The honking of the horns is not a sign of anger but more just used as a recognition that someone is coming close. Hotels can pre-arrange a vehicle for travel but most host companies should be arranging for service for you. Security checks will happen at most facilities. Vehicles will be checked, bags, and a body scan or pat down. Do not resist as things will go much smoother if you understand what is being done and are cooperative.

Most offices will working through the evenings to match another countries day time hours. Doing this can be beneficial so that you can match and keep your normal sleep hours but can also become an issue because of the sun light vs darkness. No matter what time you work in the office you should try and get some rest. Falling asleep and staying asleep will most likely not be easy. You can take a sleep aide but make sure you allow for plenty of time to sleep. I suggest setting a routine, turning off all lights and electronics, and letting your mind relax. Once you are in a full state of relaxation you will find it easier to begin sleeping.

Every bathroom that I went into had a spray station. These are not required to be used but are provided as an option. Be respectful to not make comments to anyone locally regarding these. You may not understand or use them but that doesn’t mean you need to disrespect their usage of them. If you stop at a public convenience there is a major possibility that they will be out of toilet paper, having some tissues on hand at all time will enable that you can use any restroom. It is not uncommon to see men using the restroom on the side of the road, pay no attention.

Women: I wore heels, wedges really, and had no issues. If you do not like being stared at for being tall I suggest short wedges/heels or flats. I personally am a shorter individual and found that with 4″ wedges I received a lot of attention for my height. Most roads in most cities have paved roads but no real sidewalks.

I suggest flying or driving as if you had to walk into a meeting. Being dressed accordingly allows that if you run into anyone you look presentable, if any luggage is lost you have an outfit on your back that you would be able to go into a meeting, and if for any reason your transportation is behind schedule you can walk straight into a client meeting. Flying or driving you can stop before your destination to freshen up so make sure you have items on hand to make your look appear freshly done. Rest stops or airplane bathrooms will do. Lint roller, tooth brush, mints, small amount of perfume or cologne.

When traveling for business, no matter the destination, do some research. It is always good to be aware of any culture believes, weather, and road conditions. It is better to over pack than under pack. If you don’t have something you may not be able to get it but if you have too much of something that is better to be safe than sorry. Always be the best image for your company. You want people to remember you being there so don’t wear something that would make them negatively remember you.

Happy travels!!


Be a tourist

Some of us have the pleasure of traveling for our business, whether that means traveling with our country or traveling internationally.  No matter where it is that your work is taking you remember to take a moment and enjoy the city that you are in.

It is very easy to get wrapped up in your work and the very strict agenda that may be placed in front of you but you need to try and find the time to break away from the pack. Finding time for yourself to venture out allows you to find a break from the madness of work, help with the travel demands on your body and mind, and also allows you to see the city you are given the pleasure to be in.

Being a tourist while traveling for business doesn’t mean that you have to act like a tourist. I suggest really researching and understanding the place that you are traveling to so that you understand and can travel around with the best knowledge under your belt.

Always remember to respect the new city that you are in, their beliefs and customs.

Enjoy and make those memories!

Make the shoe fit.

Why am I not getting that job? Do they not see me? They don’t appreciate me!

During my own career journey and in the partnership of helping others I have seen and felt the effects of not holding yourself to the standard of the role that you are trying to get to. Sometimes we lose ourselves in the thought of I will change when I get the role or I will dress for that role when I get it. You sit back and wait pushing and thinking why am I not getting this so you throw in the towel and move on because it must be the employers fault.

A new gig isn’t going to change the same flaws. Yes don’t get me wrong sometimes it really is the company but most of the time it isn’t, it is you. It is us. We are fitting in with that role, we aren’t fitting the suit, we aren’t trying to fit in.

For all of you who have now read that last statement and said to yourself well why do I have to conform to them why I can’t I just be me?! Step back and take a deep breath. You can be you but be the best version of you. You will never land in that VP office if your peers can’t rely on you, if you don’t share your knowledge, if you are running a me me me campaign, and honestly if you don’t look like the spokesperson for the company.

There is no benefit in waiting, make the shoe fit. If you want that job so bad then you have to make it happen. You have to get up out of bed each and every day believing in what you want to accomplish and driving for those results. They won’t happen overnight and not even in a week so don’t think you can change for a bit and everything will land into place because if you believe it then you need a grip on reality.

We need to demonstrate the person that we are, you need to show off your skill set without showing off your skill set. Be the boss that you wish that you had, be the people that you follow and idolize. Everyone has to start somewhere so why not start putting your best foot forward.

Your dreams and your end result won’t come to you, you have to go to it. Push yourself past your limits. Learn from your mistakes. Take advice. Seek advice. Find a mentor. Be a mentor. Dress for success. Don’t worry what others think. Be yourself. Be professional. Know your surroundings. Learn more. Be proud.


Why GREAT people leave

This will forever be a topic of conversation as long as companies and individuals keep the same behaviors.

We all have a member of staff that far surpasses the rest and is a key asset to pushing for change, people that we refer to as key contributors and people we really rely on. But why are some of those key people leaving us? Don’t they know how important they are to us?


We are losing great people to other companies because we do not recognize them the way that they should be. We may tell them to their face or in passing how great they are or how much of a benefit to our company they are but we aren’t backing those words with anything solid.

  • We pass them up for re-organizations
  • They don’t get the promotions
  • We don’t pay them what they deserve
  • Our reviews of them say all the right things but our scores reflect them doing just the expected level

How can we expect these key players to stay by our side when we act as if we aren’t by their side? How can we change this? How can we keep them when our hands are tied by our companies policies?

Show them a little respect. A little gesture goes a long way but don’t spoil that gesture by turning around and going right back to old behaviors.

If you believe in them then fight for them, but they also have to be willing to fight for themselves. Pushing for a higher review, push for a raise, push for the promotion, push to make them a key contributor in the next re-org.

Remember that a little bit can go a long way. If you want someone to stay with the company then you should make them want to stay, make sure they feel that they are wanted there. If the last thing you want to see is their empty desk then don’t give them a reason to pack it up.

** UPDATE **
After many conversations on this topic I wanted to jump back in and make sure that people do understand that just because one may be deserving for more doesn’t mean that the opportunities are always there. A company isn’t able to just make things happen because they want to, if they had that capability we would have a lot of useless positions and probably even bankrupt companies. Employees have to push for their own change but also be willing to put in the time for the opportunities to become available.

Crank up the VOLUME

Even though the study of music and its relationship with a persons well being and mentality has been a proven success measurement why is it that we still find in many office settings that companies don’t allow music or people have the notion that they can’t play music at all. 
Music is much more than just notes on a paper. Music is a gateway and a tool for success. 

What benefits does listening to music have?

1. Music can help reduce stress

2. Music helps you escape from your problems

3. Music can help motivate people to work harder

4. Music can help relieve symptoms of depression

5. Music can elevate one’s mood

6. Music can help improve cognitive performance

7. Music can help people perform better in high-pressure situations

8. Music can help reduce anxiety as much is a massage can

People seem to turn on the music to make the silence go away thinking that it is going to help pass the time but really what they are not understanding is how much it is actually helping them. We shouldn’t hold people back from getting that release that they need to help push targets that they have to meet. 

We should let them turn up that dial so that they can become the most productive versions of themselves. 

When you yourself are listening to music in the office or are welcoming your staff to listen to music in the office you should always follow common courtesy.

– Be mindful of the volume

– If playing music through speakers be conscious of your surroundings and music choice

– Don’t get so lost in the music that you are no longer present or aware

– If wearing headphones make sure that people can still grab your attention
” Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.”      – Pluto

Stop it!! 

We all make mistakes, we are all human. Why is it though when we make a mistake that feels big that we break ourselves down or let that mistake start to define us? 

Making mistakes or choosing the wrong path help build us. These decisions, good or bad, help lead our life. They help lay the brick work for where we are going and who we will become. 

Even if you do make a mistake that you feel is the end of you there is always a way to change the pace. REFLECT. Stop and thinking about your choices, what led you to them, how they make you feel, how they make others feel, and go from there. 

Turn a negative into a positive. Every choice has the possibility of being a game changer if you allow it to positively influence your path. 

I have made PLENTY of mistakes or bad decisions, I am human. I have owned my choices and don’t wish to go back and do things over so instead of living in the past wishing I could take things back I have changed my future based upon those previous choices. 

You may not be able to forget the past but you can forgive yourself for the past and create a better foundation for the future because of your past.

Create your best foundation.