Stop it!! 

We all make mistakes, we are all human. Why is it though when we make a mistake that feels big that we break ourselves down or let that mistake start to define us? 

Making mistakes or choosing the wrong path help build us. These decisions, good or bad, help lead our life. They help lay the brick work for where we are going and who we will become. 

Even if you do make a mistake that you feel is the end of you there is always a way to change the pace. REFLECT. Stop and thinking about your choices, what led you to them, how they make you feel, how they make others feel, and go from there. 

Turn a negative into a positive. Every choice has the possibility of being a game changer if you allow it to positively influence your path. 

I have made PLENTY of mistakes or bad decisions, I am human. I have owned my choices and don’t wish to go back and do things over so instead of living in the past wishing I could take things back I have changed my future based upon those previous choices. 

You may not be able to forget the past but you can forgive yourself for the past and create a better foundation for the future because of your past.

Create your best foundation. 


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