Why GREAT people leave

This will forever be a topic of conversation as long as companies and individuals keep the same behaviors.

We all have a member of staff that far surpasses the rest and is a key asset to pushing for change, people that we refer to as key contributors and people we really rely on. But why are some of those key people leaving us? Don’t they know how important they are to us?


We are losing great people to other companies because we do not recognize them the way that they should be. We may tell them to their face or in passing how great they are or how much of a benefit to our company they are but we aren’t backing those words with anything solid.

  • We pass them up for re-organizations
  • They don’t get the promotions
  • We don’t pay them what they deserve
  • Our reviews of them say all the right things but our scores reflect them doing just the expected level

How can we expect these key players to stay by our side when we act as if we aren’t by their side? How can we change this? How can we keep them when our hands are tied by our companies policies?

Show them a little respect. A little gesture goes a long way but don’t spoil that gesture by turning around and going right back to old behaviors.

If you believe in them then fight for them, but they also have to be willing to fight for themselves. Pushing for a higher review, push for a raise, push for the promotion, push to make them a key contributor in the next re-org.

Remember that a little bit can go a long way. If you want someone to stay with the company then you should make them want to stay, make sure they feel that they are wanted there. If the last thing you want to see is their empty desk then don’t give them a reason to pack it up.

** UPDATE **
After many conversations on this topic I wanted to jump back in and make sure that people do understand that just because one may be deserving for more doesn’t mean that the opportunities are always there. A company isn’t able to just make things happen because they want to, if they had that capability we would have a lot of useless positions and probably even bankrupt companies. Employees have to push for their own change but also be willing to put in the time for the opportunities to become available.


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