Make the shoe fit.

Why am I not getting that job? Do they not see me? They don’t appreciate me!

During my own career journey and in the partnership of helping others I have seen and felt the effects of not holding yourself to the standard of the role that you are trying to get to. Sometimes we lose ourselves in the thought of I will change when I get the role or I will dress for that role when I get it. You sit back and wait pushing and thinking why am I not getting this so you throw in the towel and move on because it must be the employers fault.

A new gig isn’t going to change the same flaws. Yes don’t get me wrong sometimes it really is the company but most of the time it isn’t, it is you. It is us. We are fitting in with that role, we aren’t fitting the suit, we aren’t trying to fit in.

For all of you who have now read that last statement and said to yourself well why do I have to conform to them why I can’t I just be me?! Step back and take a deep breath. You can be you but be the best version of you. You will never land in that VP office if your peers can’t rely on you, if you don’t share your knowledge, if you are running a me me me campaign, and honestly if you don’t look like the spokesperson for the company.

There is no benefit in waiting, make the shoe fit. If you want that job so bad then you have to make it happen. You have to get up out of bed each and every day believing in what you want to accomplish and driving for those results. They won’t happen overnight and not even in a week so don’t think you can change for a bit and everything will land into place because if you believe it then you need a grip on reality.

We need to demonstrate the person that we are, you need to show off your skill set without showing off your skill set. Be the boss that you wish that you had, be the people that you follow and idolize. Everyone has to start somewhere so why not start putting your best foot forward.

Your dreams and your end result won’t come to you, you have to go to it. Push yourself past your limits. Learn from your mistakes. Take advice. Seek advice. Find a mentor. Be a mentor. Dress for success. Don’t worry what others think. Be yourself. Be professional. Know your surroundings. Learn more. Be proud.



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