Sometimes you just have to take time

As I sit here stretching out my arms after a very long evening I know that the break I had taken from posting was necessary. Sometimes you really need to remember to think about yourself when it comes to what you allow onto your plate.

After March and my work journey to India I found myself sitting back and reflecting and really thinking about what my next moves were and what I needed and wanted to tackle. I had things moving like storm clouds in my personal life and I had a strategic game of chess going on at work. I needed to settle my brain, think and plan things out. A month later and I am back reading to go!

What has changed you may ask, well really not a whole lot but mentally I am ready to take on whatever pieces move next. I have a plan, I have a self directed direction, I have more drive.

The key to sanity is reminding  yourself that you can’t control it all. Remembering that you may not see the whole painting in the beginning but it will reveal itself when it is time. Until you can see the full photo earn it. You have to push and earn it through every step of the way. You can’t do the work a few times and expect that is enough to prove your worth until the end. Every day, every task, every moment has to be thought out.

Enjoy the journey but earn it!


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