Busy as Bees..Do I eat?

Meeting here, meeting there, 5 formed emails there, 15 replies here, walk in meeting, document review over there… With our overly packed calendars where do we squeeze in eating? 

Food = Necessity! 

You can’t skip but really it is a pressing question. You may take food or plan to grab something but end up leaving at the end of the day caring that fully packed meal and/or a grumbling stomach. 

People apologize for booking over a lunch hour but really what is a lunch hour? Go ahead book that time, it doesn’t matter anyway! 

All jokes aside how do you manage a meal squeeze in? Is it realistic? Eating in meetings? Cold food? Hot food? Healthy food? Fast food? 


I am a prime example of you MAKE your meal times work. I have a VERY full calendar but I find and make the time to eat 6 small meals a day. While at the office I eat 3 times! Yes 3!! AND I drink a gallon of water a day while at the office!! 

Ok how? I plan it, every meal has a time, every meal is prepped the night before and ready to go in our work fridge or on my desk. I bring in a gallon water jug so I can pour and go. I eat breakfast as soon as I wake up. My daytime meals aren’t always consumed on one sitting but consumed. 

DO NOT EAT IN MEETINGS! Unless food is provided. Eating in a meeting is not looked highly upon. You should be prepared to work and with a mouth full of food how can you speak and provide your weight in work?

Pre pack it. Plan it. Time it. Bring it. Eat it. 

It is hard but possible! 


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