Take a step back

Sometimes, most the time, you just need to take a step back. What are you doing when you take this step back, why is it needed? You need to find the bigger picture. 

  • What is driving you
  • What are your goals
  • What are you company goals
  • Where is the path least traveled
  • Where are the blind spots
  • Where do you have areas you can improve in
  • Where are you not sharing your knowledge
  • Where can you take on more

Seeing the bigger picture is calming, it is like reaching a long awaited destination and just being able to spread your arms and breathe. 

Don’t get stuck in the sigh of relief too long because that bigger picture just got bigger. There is always more, the photo is always changing and never a fully finished piece. You don’t want it to ever be finished. Your goals must always change, your drive must always change, the demand must always change. There is always another turn. 

Don’t get defeated, embrace it and when you start to struggle just remember to take that step back and embrace the current bigger picture. 


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