Tongue Biter.

“Are you kidding me, have you even been listening at all!” – Don’t act like those thoughts or thoughts like it haven’t ever crossed through your mind during a meeting, a phone call, an email, or even just during a hallway conversation. We are all “guilty” of the mind wandering face slapping thoughts that we sometimes battle in our heads. Do you ever speak them outloud?

For some people and their thoughts I really hope that you don’t, but if you do, you may not have to handle it anymore because you probably aren’t working with that person or group anymore. While we may have those thoughts you always have to remember there is a time, a place, and a manner to deal with issues. Working with others isn’t always going to work out well, but why not? When starting a new business relationship you need to learn how the relationship is going to work and how you are going to make it work by learning about your new business partner, new company, or whatever relationship it may be.

Maybe the person doesn’t have the best personality to match yours, maybe yours is the unpleasent personality. Maybe they don’t meet deadlines, maybe you don’t. What if they have a hygenine issue. Possibly they don’t have all of the knowledge that is needed for the project. Maybe they take ownership of things without allowing others in. Maybe you don’t believe in the project or groups scope/purpose.

No matter what the case may be you have to learn to manage the frustration and still be able to build and grow that relationship. Throwing in the towel isn’t an option unless you don’t want to be an option. We have all had the hard to deal with business partners and we all have even been those people at some point in time. Each person or group has to bring to the table an open mind, a good tongue biting behavior when it is a appropriate and a professional attitude.

You do not fight, verbally or physically. You do not degrade someone. You act like a poised adult and the professional you want to be. What you don’t want to be that poised professional adult? Well then don’t be surprised when you are not sought after or requested for things.

Always remember that just because you have knowledge doesn’t mean that you are a no brainer choice. You have to encompass the full package, you have to share the knowledge, you have to be a good kind human that is an open door.

Remember…BITE THAT TONGUE! Be the person you want to be and the person you want someone else to be with you.


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