Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Thanksgiving had come and black friday was a bit more black than normal. Things had been packed and left in the fastest of fashions. I could feel the winter season coming upon us and with each day I could tell I was going to survive. Each passing day the weight was getting just a little bit lighter and I knew I had this under my belt!

My head was on straight and I could see the road ahead of me. I had to make a plan, I had to clean up what had become such a mess, I had to find me again. Finding me again though wasn’t just about flipping a switch it was really finding what made me tick, what makes me happy, my drive, the real me deep down not just the act.

I have found that when you are putting the puzzle pieces of life back together you can’t question yourself. You have to make a flexible plan and work through it. You have to set priorities and goals large and small. My work drive that I once had needed to come back because I missed it. I missed the crazy pace that I set myself at, I missed the overload of work and pressure that I put on myself. I knew that was still my home and finding and putting myself back in that groove would help drive all of my other changes. It would give me the stability and reassurance I needed to succeed everywhere else.

I started to learn the lines of work and personal. I knew I had to be human but I knew that the nonsense I had to leave at the door or I would find myself right back at square one having to start all over again. I made lists, calendars, to do checklists. I started having more meetings and discussions with my management to help keep me on the course. I was transparent and I could feel the life coming back to me.

I was going, I was moving along. Christmas was coming and I was so excited to feel the happiness and excitement of life back again! I woke up each and every day with a purpose, a goal, and a smile! I never knew that life could be this amazing!!

I knew that I could never let go of this feeling that I had because it was life, it was the life that I had always dreamed of but had always pushed aside for one reason or another.

I couldn’t stop and I wouldn’t stop. I had to keep chugging! I had to keep succeeding! Always remember though that there will be speed bumps…I should have realized!



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