Deck the Halls !!

Oh the smell of Christmas was upon us! It didn’t feel exactly the same this year though. Maybe it was the warmer than normal weather but maybe it was because so many things were in the middle of changing ┬ábut what I did know that this was the first year in so many that I was happy!

I shopped, I wrapped, I smiled, we took so many pictures, we laughed, and most of all we didn’t really cry! As each passing day came and went things were really starting to settle in.

Work is chugging along and finding that groove and fast pace again was making everything seem more like home. That light keeps beaming and showing it self telling me that I can juggle it all, that this will be a success and I can do it.

Have you ever wished a Christmas wish.. Well I never had until this year but all I kept wishing and dreaming for was for happiness and what was best for my son. I want to give him the world and show him all the great things he can achieve and that means fighting and pushing for the best for him. That is a battle that will never end, it will change direction and pace but it will be a life long journey.

Being able to provide and live the life that I see for us means finding that happiness, pushing myself to be the best possible person at work, and always remember his needs and wants. There will never be a day that those priorities aren’t clear and in my sights.

Make plans, write goals, believe, have faith, but most of all push! Each day is a push for a better life, each day is a new opportunity. Going through such life changes you really have to remember that you are given a new opportunity each and every day so you must use it to your full advantage!

Never once did I realize it would get as hard as it was about to get. Even though I was finding and feeling this great amount of happiness, that wasn’t okay to some and I soon would feel their push backs.

You must continue to believe and push!