Get to know me

Mother and business extraordinaire. Kaylee is as passionate about business as she is about being a mother to her adorable son.  Kaylee has spent time walking many paths throughout her life and career and her main goal is to assist others on their own journey to their version of success. While she is solving the worlds problems, she enjoys wedding and event planning, speaking at conventions, blogging, DIY projects, and trying new recipes. Her fiery approach to life inspires many others, and she can’t wait to inspire you.

Kaylee is available for:

  • Convention attendance invitations
  • Convention speaking requests
  • Company presentations
  • Consultations
  • Training
    • Facilitating
    • Putting together a program
  • Publications
    • Writing
    • Reviewing
  • Interview training

Kaylee can be found on many social platforms. Do not hesitate to connect with her.

Personal and business life on Instagram

Business profile on LinkedIn
View Kaylee Brown's profile on LinkedIn



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