I am back!

Good Morning Everyone! Needless to say I took a little break and it was probably the best thing for me. A LOT has changed since my last post and I am finally starting to feel back on top of the world!

With these changes that I have gone through I have decided that this page and my writing needs a re-vamp as well. Before this page was strictly business but I think it is time to open it up to the nitty gritty real life of a working woman or working person and the dirty secrets of what we really go through.

I have promised myself that in my strive for success I want people to know that I am human, I struggle, and I go through things just like everyone else. I am not perfect and will never be perfect, nor do I ever want to be but I do want to be the best version of myself and that means working through all of the ugly.

What is to come, what has happened…In the past year I have gotten my house ready to be sold, sold my house, moved myself and my son into my parents house, started my son in kindergarten, gone through counseling, filed for divorce, found out some health concerns that require surgery, accepted a new position, gained weight that I had previously lost back, cried, laughed, screamed, and sat silent. It has been crazy but the most amazing crazy.

I can’t wait to share it all and finally open up about it and help myself while helping you and sharing with you!! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!


Feeling like a clown!

One task here, one task there, three over there…I sit here, multi-tasking and thinking is there ever a time where there isn’t 20+ things going on at one time? I don’t know about you but my summer has been crazy busy!!

Crazy busy I say but crazy enough it is all self-caused, I know crazy right? On my plate is MAJOR changes at work , my son is starting his first year of school this year, we are selling our house, we went on vacation, we are moving, oh and I am looking at going to college! It’s ok but breath for me now please..

So how do I do it all? How do we all juggle it all? How does our hair stay in its place without completely losing our minds? We multi-task, we plan, we push things back, we lose our minds behind closed doors. We do what we have to do to make our lives our own personal view of success.

My biggest tips that I could ever give people who are juggling a lot on their plates at once is to always remember that it doesn’t all have to be done at one time or immediately. Make a schedule that can be flexible. Set priorities, set stretch goals, remember to care for yourself too so that you can achieve the work.

** Let yourself feel ok if you fail or hit a little bit of a road bump **

That above is very important. Not everything is possible and we are human, we have to set realistic expectations as to how much can be achieved at one given point in time.

Let yourself lose your mind, constructively and preferably in private, because letting those feelings out are healthy and the last thing we would ever want it to bottle them in and we explode..to the wrong person..at the wrong time.

Time management – have to wrap this up because my meeting is wrapping up and I am onto the next juggling act!

Until next time, remember, your plate is only as full as you allow it to be!

Tongue Biter.

“Are you kidding me, have you even been listening at all!” – Don’t act like those thoughts or thoughts like it haven’t ever crossed through your mind during a meeting, a phone call, an email, or even just during a hallway conversation. We are all “guilty” of the mind wandering face slapping thoughts that we sometimes battle in our heads. Do you ever speak them outloud?

For some people and their thoughts I really hope that you don’t, but if you do, you may not have to handle it anymore because you probably aren’t working with that person or group anymore. While we may have those thoughts you always have to remember there is a time, a place, and a manner to deal with issues. Working with others isn’t always going to work out well, but why not? When starting a new business relationship you need to learn how the relationship is going to work and how you are going to make it work by learning about your new business partner, new company, or whatever relationship it may be.

Maybe the person doesn’t have the best personality to match yours, maybe yours is the unpleasent personality. Maybe they don’t meet deadlines, maybe you don’t. What if they have a hygenine issue. Possibly they don’t have all of the knowledge that is needed for the project. Maybe they take ownership of things without allowing others in. Maybe you don’t believe in the project or groups scope/purpose.

No matter what the case may be you have to learn to manage the frustration and still be able to build and grow that relationship. Throwing in the towel isn’t an option unless you don’t want to be an option. We have all had the hard to deal with business partners and we all have even been those people at some point in time. Each person or group has to bring to the table an open mind, a good tongue biting behavior when it is a appropriate and a professional attitude.

You do not fight, verbally or physically. You do not degrade someone. You act like a poised adult and the professional you want to be. What you don’t want to be that poised professional adult? Well then don’t be surprised when you are not sought after or requested for things.

Always remember that just because you have knowledge doesn’t mean that you are a no brainer choice. You have to encompass the full package, you have to share the knowledge, you have to be a good kind human that is an open door.

Remember…BITE THAT TONGUE! Be the person you want to be and the person you want someone else to be with you.

Take a step back

Sometimes, most the time, you just need to take a step back. What are you doing when you take this step back, why is it needed? You need to find the bigger picture. 

  • What is driving you
  • What are your goals
  • What are you company goals
  • Where is the path least traveled
  • Where are the blind spots
  • Where do you have areas you can improve in
  • Where are you not sharing your knowledge
  • Where can you take on more

Seeing the bigger picture is calming, it is like reaching a long awaited destination and just being able to spread your arms and breathe. 

Don’t get stuck in the sigh of relief too long because that bigger picture just got bigger. There is always more, the photo is always changing and never a fully finished piece. You don’t want it to ever be finished. Your goals must always change, your drive must always change, the demand must always change. There is always another turn. 

Don’t get defeated, embrace it and when you start to struggle just remember to take that step back and embrace the current bigger picture. 

Busy as Bees..Do I eat?

Meeting here, meeting there, 5 formed emails there, 15 replies here, walk in meeting, document review over there… With our overly packed calendars where do we squeeze in eating? 

Food = Necessity! 

You can’t skip but really it is a pressing question. You may take food or plan to grab something but end up leaving at the end of the day caring that fully packed meal and/or a grumbling stomach. 

People apologize for booking over a lunch hour but really what is a lunch hour? Go ahead book that time, it doesn’t matter anyway! 

All jokes aside how do you manage a meal squeeze in? Is it realistic? Eating in meetings? Cold food? Hot food? Healthy food? Fast food? 


I am a prime example of you MAKE your meal times work. I have a VERY full calendar but I find and make the time to eat 6 small meals a day. While at the office I eat 3 times! Yes 3!! AND I drink a gallon of water a day while at the office!! 

Ok how? I plan it, every meal has a time, every meal is prepped the night before and ready to go in our work fridge or on my desk. I bring in a gallon water jug so I can pour and go. I eat breakfast as soon as I wake up. My daytime meals aren’t always consumed on one sitting but consumed. 

DO NOT EAT IN MEETINGS! Unless food is provided. Eating in a meeting is not looked highly upon. You should be prepared to work and with a mouth full of food how can you speak and provide your weight in work?

Pre pack it. Plan it. Time it. Bring it. Eat it. 

It is hard but possible! 

Sometimes you just have to take time

As I sit here stretching out my arms after a very long evening I know that the break I had taken from posting was necessary. Sometimes you really need to remember to think about yourself when it comes to what you allow onto your plate.

After March and my work journey to India I found myself sitting back and reflecting and really thinking about what my next moves were and what I needed and wanted to tackle. I had things moving like storm clouds in my personal life and I had a strategic game of chess going on at work. I needed to settle my brain, think and plan things out. A month later and I am back reading to go!

What has changed you may ask, well really not a whole lot but mentally I am ready to take on whatever pieces move next. I have a plan, I have a self directed direction, I have more drive.

The key to sanity is reminding ¬†yourself that you can’t control it all. Remembering that you may not see the whole painting in the beginning but it will reveal itself when it is time. Until you can see the full photo earn it. You have to push and earn it through every step of the way. You can’t do the work a few times and expect that is enough to prove your worth until the end. Every day, every task, every moment has to be thought out.

Enjoy the journey but earn it!

How do you find the time?

This is a very common question that I hear, how do I find the time to post? It is a great question because really what do you think of when you read this, that I am sitting at my home office or my office at my company and having the free time to just sit and write, we will say for 30 minutes. Well I wish that were the case but it really isn’t and for most of us that wouldn’t be an option.

So how do we tackle the side “projects” outside of our full-time work and our family/house work? I recently heard a speaker state that there is always time and you shouldn’t make an excuse that you are too busy because it just means that you don’t have your priorities in the right order. While I agree with that comment I also don’t agree with it. We are humans, humans that sometimes want to get something done and sometimes are just too tired or overwhelmed to be able to follow through with the long to do lists. We pick and choose what that day or week will hold, what we will accomplish, and what we are fine letting pass us by.

So back to the original question, how do I find the time? I make the time..for me that means I write while on my phone, I write while I have a couple of minutes on the desktop, I write while my son is in the shower. No one post is just a full constant sitting, I don’t arrange for the time of complete dedication at one sitting I multi-task. If the laundry has a couple minutes left on it then I will pull out my phone and continue my posting, while my son is in the shower (like right now) I will hop on the computer and type a little bit. I want to find the time for you.

Over the years I have made excuse after excuse as to why I wasn’t pushing for the career or life goals that I wanted, there was always the thought that it would come later it would just land on my lap. Well 4 years ago I came to my senses and realized ya right this isn’t a movie so I pushed myself. I wanted more so I wanted to earn more. Yes I am still struggling my way through my career plan, changing it as I go but I am pushing through it. I have made some huge steps in my career in a very short amount of time and with that dedication I have found that people want help, they want my guidance. I am more than willing to share in my trial and tribulations, but how do I help the people who aren’t able to ask directly? So this is where I am. This blog was that answer. I want people to share it, I want people to reach out to me, I want to answer your questions that you didn’t even know to ask. So I find the time, for you.

My life isn’t easy but it isn’t a cake walk by any means. I have a full-time job (that I love), I have a husband, and a child, AND I run our house. Running the house means laundry, cleaning, cooking, homework, yard work, etc. So when I say I make the time I really do. I find those moments of silence that let me mind run wild and try to answer the questions that are spooling through your heads. I don’t write everyday, as you can see, but I try and write every week. If you want more ask for more and I will give you more.

So as the speaker said, I put my priorities in the right order. You are a priority, I am a priority.