The answer was to sell… the answer ended up being to get the house on the market in less than 30 days!

It was June of 2016, our furnace and A/C went out ((Whoo hoo!!)) so had to do an “emergency” install of a new system ((seeing as it was getting to 100 degrees in the house)). So in the midst of this chaos my realtor and I are chatting and he says we should get it on the market before summer is over to sell before school begins so how about July 1st! What??? In this moment this is when my pre-planning over detail analyzing crazy came out…in the next 30 minutes I had a list written out on what needed to be done then I put that on the calendar to see how fast I could get it done.

July 1st came and went and I knew that I wasn’t going to hit that target but I swore it would get on the market before we stepped foot into the car to leave for vacation mid-July. We ripped out half of the flooring on the first floor, did some spot patching, revamped the whole outside of the house, packing, crazy amazing staging, and the house was live as we pulled out of the drive way to hit the road for vacation!!

That next week of vacation was like little strings pulling at my mind. In that one week we had 12 showings! We came back into town to mad craziness of showings, not being able to come home until late into the evening so that people could view the house, this is no stress free task with a younger child I promise you!

Exactly 1 month after listing the house we received an accepted offer! 30 days later after inspections and back and forth final agreements we signed on the dotted line and had sold our first house!!!

Selling your first house is really like closing a chapter on your life and really makes you think of EVERYTHING. I went through so very many different emotions during this time. The selling of the house wasn’t that emotional as it being the first but it made me think of my time under that roof, the experiences and journeys I had gone through and how I felt. How I perceived my family to feel (my husband and son) and just if it was the best fit.

Honestly … I was tired very very tired of being mad or fake happy more often than not. The weekend before the closing on our house was very busy and very stressful and the Saturday night before closing my emotions just all came out. In that snap of a fingers I could no longer lie to myself or anyone else. What started as a complaint ended up being a full blow out of emotions and me saying I just couldn’t do it anymore…that I wanted a divorce.

In that moment it felt like the beginning of the end.