Feeling like a clown!

One task here, one task there, three over there…I sit here, multi-tasking and thinking is there ever a time where there isn’t 20+ things going on at one time? I don’t know about you but my summer has been crazy busy!!

Crazy busy I say but crazy enough it is all self-caused, I know crazy right? On my plate is MAJOR changes at work , my son is starting his first year of school this year, we are selling our house, we went on vacation, we are moving, oh and I am looking at going to college! It’s ok but breath for me now please..

So how do I do it all? How do we all juggle it all? How does our hair stay in its place without completely losing our minds? We multi-task, we plan, we push things back, we lose our minds behind closed doors. We do what we have to do to make our lives our own personal view of success.

My biggest tips that I could ever give people who are juggling a lot on their plates at once is to always remember that it doesn’t all have to be done at one time or immediately. Make a schedule that can be flexible. Set priorities, set stretch goals, remember to care for yourself too so that you can achieve the work.

** Let yourself feel ok if you fail or hit a little bit of a road bump **

That above is very important. Not everything is possible and we are human, we have to set realistic expectations as to how much can be achieved at one given point in time.

Let yourself lose your mind, constructively and preferably in private, because letting those feelings out are healthy and the last thing we would ever want it to bottle them in and we explode..to the wrong person..at the wrong time.

Time management – have to wrap this up because my meeting is wrapping up and I am onto the next juggling act!

Until next time, remember, your plate is only as full as you allow it to be!


Keeping up with deadlines

The email traffic never slows down or has a real down time, one right after the other. So how do you keep up with impending deadlines when you have to get through your emails as well. 

Set priorities

For many people tackling their workload is handled very differently but it all needs managed and normally all at the same time. So how can you stay ontop of the emails coming through while still having the time to put in your hours on projects, fixes, or of course the list of meetings?

Time management. Easier said than done of course but you need to set out a plan. A plan that can be followed and then altered when needed. 

Come into work a couple minutes earlier each day and handle emails before the craziness begins. Block out your calendar for a day or a few hours and really deep dive on some of your work. Put in some extra hours in the evenings or weekends to get to a calm level ground. 

Believe that you can do it and you will. The mental game is harder than anything else with the work. If you truely believe that you can’t do than most likely you wont be able to, don’t give yourself that crutch. 

If the work load ever becomes too much than you need to have that conversation with your management. Opening the topic of not being able to keep up doesn’t have to be a negative image on yourself. You need to understand that admiting you can handle it but not at the current expectations of timing. You are not throwing in the towel but asking for a little more give on the deadlines. 

  • Prep
  • Time it out
  • Prepare
  • Ask for help
  • Breathe
  • Believe

Follow those 6 steps and you can achieve any obstacle or task.